Who We Are

We are an innovative start-up with a simple and extremely clear mission: to offer advanced Data Science services developed with the most innovative Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and algorithms. Skienda is the product of decades of experience in the information technology field, gained by its founders and from strategic partnerships with the specific, scientific, and industrial environment it thrives into.

We constantly scout the market to hunt for the best, highest-skilled profiles. Besides, we invest heavily on intensive educational programs for postgraduates coming exclusively from selected Universities and Research Centers.

Policy for gender equality
Why Us

We focus on  innovative services to analyze, structure, interpret and extract values from data, designing data models for advanced decision-making analyses in order to create competitive advantage and outline new business models.

We design and implement algorithms and data models for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analyses and data monetization, using modern ML and AI approaches. Indeed, our data scientists are able to define, design, implement, and operate computer science and data science systems, mainly based on NoSQL technologies.

Why the name “Skienda”?

From the Latin “scienda” (“those things which ought to be known or understood”), the neuter nominative plural form of “sciendus” (“what is to be known or understood”) and the future passive participle (gerundive) of “sciō” (“I know, understand, have knowledge”).

Quality through Excellence

We are maniacally focused on our customers. We really think that customer satisfaction must be our drive and the main goal for each of us.

For this reason, we established specific values and principles and strive to reach the best quality service, in all the aspects of our organization.

Use of strategic data

The cobbler’s son always goes barefoot.
Unlike the cobbler we decided to extensively use our own data to map the areas our customers are more interested in and there convey our efforts to improve the overall quality of services provided.

No negotiable values

We set some core values that are absolutely non-negotiable. the first being the complete satisfaction of our customers in the projects we deliver.

Great team

We foresee our future needs to build up a more efficient infrastructure, allowing the internal resources to be motivated, skilled and never overstretched.

Our Clients



Scientific positioning entirely focused on Data Science

Our main priority is Data Science, a science composed by a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithms development and technology designed to analytically solve complex problems and produce business value.

Research based on two main cornerstones:

  1. Academic partners to establish a structured, educational value to all our colleagues and set up a consistent process of continuous improvement.
  2. Technological partners filtered and carefully selected, to deliver the best possible value for the entire company environment!
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